Measure Cabinet Doors

Step by Step: How to measure for your new cabinet doors.

  1. All orders must be for actual doors sizes. The size you give us is the size we will make for you. WE DO NOT ACCEPT OPENING SIZES.
  2. If your cabinet openings are not square, make sure you use the larger of the two measurements. Round all measurements off to the nearest 1/32 of an inch.
  3. To make it easier for you to match your new doors to your existing cabinets, we recommend numbering the openings in your cabinets, and writing down the door sizes in sequence.
  4. Our standard overlay is ½ inch *, making your door size 1 inch larger in height and width than the rough opening. When measuring for a pair of doors for a single opening, add 7/8 inch to the width and divide by two and add 1 inch to the height. Drawer fronts add 1 inch to height and width of opening.

    Example A. If your rough opening is 16 inches wide and 32 inches tall, your door would be 17 inches by 33 inches.

    Example B. If your rough opening is 32 inches wide and 34 inches tall, and you want two (2) doors for that opening, then the width would be figured as follows:
    32 + .875 = 32.875
    32.875 / 2 = 16.438
    Your two (2) doors would be 16.438 inches wide and 35 inches tall each.
  5. As you list your door sizes, please note what type of hinges you want, and whether you want the hinges to be on the left side or the right side. Also note what style you want the door to be.

*If your overlay is other than 1/2 inch, your doors sizes will vary accordingly.

Measuring Drawer Boxes